Mental Health America of Spartanburg County and the 2021 Educational Series present for March… “Words to the Wise From an Old Soldier: The Lingering Effect of War and Other Traumatic Events” by Jim Rentz, DMin, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Army Chaplain Vietnam.

Our nation has been beset with traumatic events throughout my almost 80 years on planet Earth. My experience with trauma both personally and professionally has revealed to me that there is an epidemic of undetected trauma wounds in the general population. These wounds all too often lie hidden and unrecognized as they seep into our daily lives. They have the potential to adversely affect our decisions, our relationships, our mental and emotional health, our jobs, our behavior and a host of other things. This program will address how this phenomenon works and ideas about how one can recognize and address it.

Speaker Resources

Our speaker provided a helpful handout and slides to go along with this topic. You can view, download or print. Email Dr. Jim Rentz to connect or learn more about trauma and PTSD.