Thomas Truelson writes… There is no medical reason why I am alive. In January 1994, I decided to kill myself and chose Sunday, May 15th as the perfect date. Starting in February, I kept a daily, detailed journal of what I was going through – plus my thoughts, reflections, fears and feelings of time past and time present.

For The Heart Cries is his personal blog with years worth of exploration. He breaks them into… Part 1: A Journal Towards Suicide and Part 2: A Journey Back To Life, my journey after my suicide attempt failed.

Thomas has lost loved ones to suicide and survived a serious suicide attempt. He has written numerous newspaper articles and short essays on the sadness of suicide and on the suicide epidemic. He believes this journal can be very helpful to anyone struggling with hopelessness themselves or from a loss.

MHA Spartanburg agrees. Please read and share with anyone you know who may be suffering.

For The Heart Cries

This heartfelt blog about a person’s life after a failed suicide attempt gives a detailed account of his journey from then to now. You may contact the author Thomas Truelson by email.