Mental Health America of Spartanburg County and the 2022 Educational Series host for March… “Nutrition and Brain Health: Boost Mood and Memory” presented by Lori Boyd, MSN, RN, CV-BC, Dip ACLM Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional.

This session will focus on the importance of a holistic approach to brain health – specifically Lifestyle Medicine.

  1. The overall purpose of the presentation is to provide information and resources so participants can learn more about the positive impact nutrition has on health, while also understanding the importance of lifestyle and health-promoting behaviors.
  2. We will define Lifestyle Medicine and how the six tenets can impact brain health. Lori will share resources with attendees for further research if they’d like to learn more.
  3. Small changes can have a big impact on health, especially when several areas are targeted (e.g., nutrition, sleep, stress reduction). A focus on prevention is key to success, particularly with dementia and other chronic diseases.
  4. Armed with evidence-based knowledge and resources, participants can assemble a variety of methods to improve food mood mood, memory, and general wellbeing.

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Our speaker provided very helpful slides and handouts to go along with this topic. You can view, save and print those. To learn even more about the relationship between nutrition and brain health, contact Lori Boyd by email.