Mental Health America of Spartanburg County and the 2022 Educational Series host for May… “Understanding the Longterm Effects of Combat and Other Trauma” presented by Reverend James N. Rentz, Senior, DMin, retired LMFT, former Army Chaplain.

Overall Purpose… To raise awareness of the pervasive, insidious and lingering effects of combat trauma and its propensity to co-mingle with pre-­existing and concurrent traumas.

Learning Outcomes… Victims, survivors, loved ones, friends and treatment professionals alike will be alerted to the subtle and often silent residual effects of untreated combat traumas as they contribute to various psycho-physiological, relational, and societal dysfunctions. Participants as a result will be better positioned to obtain and provide competent management of these effects.

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Our speaker provided descriptive slides to go along with this topic. You can view, save, print and share those! To learn even more about combat trauma, contact Reverend James N. Rentz by email.