Counseling To Promote Mental Wellness

Mental Health America of Spartanburg County and the 2022 Educational Series host for September… “Counseling to Promote Mental Wellness” presented by Kelly Kennedy, PhD, LMFT/S, RPT/S and Owner of Modern Wellness Family Counseling.

Overall Purpose

To explore how counseling can help you not only with mental illness but also with prevention. 

Learning Outcomes
  1. Who we serve, discussing treatment and prevention
  2. Why it works, counseling benefits for overall wellness
Speaker Biography

Kelly Kennedy (she/her) is the owner of Modern Wellness Family Counseling and a counselor who works with adolescents and adults. She helps support families by working with adolescents, new and expectant mothers, medical issues and anxiety disorders. She is trained in couples and family therapy, medical family therapy, premarital counseling and play therapy. Outside of traditional counseling, she enjoys working with women in leadership positions who struggle with anxiety, perfectionism and time management. Before opening Modern Wellness Family Counseling, she worked as a department chair, supervisor and program director of a Master’s counseling program and has been fortunate to learn from leadership positions throughout her life. She welcomes any leaders looking for a place to be nurtured, supported and challenged.

Webinar Recording

Learn More

Doctor Kelly Kennedy provided helpful slides to go along with this topic. Please feel free to contact her at Modern Wellness Family Counseling.